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Roofing in Redditch

At LPH Construction, we take on all roofing requirements in the Worcestershire area, assisting customers who are looking for a professional team of roofing specialists to install, repair or maintain the roof on their property or structure.

Our roofing specialists are all fully qualified, licensed contractors, with extensive roofing skills and techniques to ensure every roofing installation, repair and maintenance service we carry out is complete to an extremely high standard. Therefore, we are a first-class team to undergo your roofing service with.

The roofing type most suitable for you will depend on your property or structure type. With this, at LPH Construction, we work with a diverse range of roofing types, allowing us to assist and accommodate all customers with their specific roofing requirements.

The roofing types we work with include:

  • Flat Roofing
  • Felt Roofs
  • Asphalt Shingles
  • Slate Roofs
  • Rubber Slate Roofs
  • Concrete Tiled Roofs
  • Metal Roofs
  • Green Roofs

With the roof of any property or structure playing the most crucial role in protecting it from external/outside elements, it is imperative all roofing services are carried out by a professional team like ourselves at LPH Construction. This will ensure that all regulations are adhered to for the duration of the service, as well as ensuring the entire roofing process has been completed correctly, preventing major issues from occurring such as water ingress, damp problems, structural damage, pest intrusion and more.

To ensure all of our customer's specific roofing needs are met, we start each roofing service with an in-depth planning process, beginning with an inspection and assessment of the current condition of the roof. This is then followed by creating an intricate plan of the entire service, ensuring we are fully prepared for the roofing job ahead.

At LPH Construction, we proudly work with leading manufacturers who supply all of our quality roofing materials and products which ensures the quality and standard of our work is always consistent. As well as this, as we are a well-established roofing team, we work with the latest equipment, ensuring the entire roofing process is complete correctly and safely, preventing hazardous issues from occurring during and after.

Safety is always a priority of ours at LPH Construction, and we like to reassure all homeowners that when undergoing your roofing service with our team, you can settle knowing that all regulations and guidelines will be adhered to throughout, and all safety measures will be in place from the moment we start to the moment we finish. Therefore, for the entire duration of the roofing service, your home and those within it will be in safe, professional hands.

Give us at LPH Construction a call today on 07514788529 to discuss your roofing requirements, for further information on our roofing services and to arrange a date to undergo the work.